Scented Spaces Vol.2 – Nicolette Johnson

A place to celebrate and showcase our customers & ongoing supporters enjoying their everyday rituals, with the added touch of Posie.

Space of: Nicolette Johnson
Location: Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia)

Born in London, growing up in Texas, and today settled in Meanjin / Brisbane, Australia, Nicolette Johnson is a ceramic artist hand-making and firing each of her pieces in her home studio. 

Nicolettes work merges the traditional with the experimental, exploring symmetry and surrealist motifs, and the way we assign meaning to objects. 
We've admired Nicolette's incredible pieces for many years, so we were humbled to find our scents making their way into the space where Nicolette creates, and couldn't help but want to find out more.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a potter living and working in Meanjin (Brisbane) who has been practicing ceramics for just over 6 years now.

We'd love to know, do you have a personal favourite Posie scent? 

My favourite scent (that I have tried so far!) is KIT. I love burning it in the main living space in our home as it is such a unique blend of woody and refreshing.  It's perfect in the winter time.

Where would we find you burning your Posie candles?

I really enjoy burning a candle in the kitchen while my husband or I cook, and especially in my studio.  For a space that can get so messy, it feels wonderfully luxurious to have a candle burning while I work.

Our scents are formulated to communicate a place, feeling or moment in time. Do your favourite Posie scents remind you of anything? 

I burn my KIN candle in the studio, and I love walking into the room and being greeted with the familiar smell. It reminds me of a warm beach with a scent of flowers drifting on the breeze.

@nicolette__johnson / Photography copyright Nicolette Johnson

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