THE BASIC – D.I.Y. Candle Making Kit
THE BASIC – D.I.Y. Candle Making Kit

THE BASIC – D.I.Y. Candle Making Kit

by hand; 

At Posie’s core rests a desire to create with intent ­– thoughtful yet above all, a conscious mind. Seeking out materials that provide functionality whilst also encouraging sustainability and the versatility to be repurposed.

With this in mind, we are often asked for tips on how to best re-use your empty Posie candle vessel after its initial life as a candle. 

It is with much excitement that we introduce Posie’s ‘by hand’ – an at home DIY candle making kit. The ingredients to get you started and experience the olfactory art of candle making whilst giving your spent candle jar a second life. 

This kit contains the deconstructed heart of your favourite Posie candle; one of our fine fragrance oil blends, 100% soy wax flakes, natural cotton fibre wick and a few extra ‘tools of the trade’ to keep your production on course.


THE BASIC D.I.Y. Candle Making Kit includes:

• 1 x Instruction Booklet
• 1 x pouch of soy wax flakes
• 1 x Posie Fine Fragrance Oil Blend 
• 1 x by hand Candle Label
• 1 x Warning Label
• 1 x Cotton Wick 
• 1 x Peg 
• 1 x Stirrer 

*Vessel not included – this kit is designed to repurpose your 250g Posie Amber Jar.

Tools you will need to find in your kitchen at home:

• 1 x Kitchen / Cooking Thermometer
• 1 x Large Pot / Saucepan
• 1 x Small Heat Proof Jug 

Please note: We do not recommend using your own vessel as all components in The Basic DIY Kit are measured to ensure safety. Posie does not accept responsibility for the performance or outcome of this product.